The Features & Benefits of Triple Active Gel


The Deb Active Defence Molecules encapsulate and absorb allergens commonly encountered in the workplace and associated with some glove materials, which are known to cause allergic skin reactions and can lead to skin sensitisation and allergic dermatitis.

The way it works: as allergenic antigen molecules come into contact with the layer of Triple Active Gel on the skin, the Deb Active Defence Molecules immediately act to stop their sensitising potential by either absorbing the small, single antigen molecules or encapsulating those antigens attached to larger transit molecules.

28% of glove wearers identify external allergic substances reaching the skin as an issue1


The gel formula forms a protective layer on the skin which combines a physical barrier with the unique Deb Active Defence Molecules to protect the skin against contact with moderately aggressive workplace chemicals that are known to cause skin irritation and can lead to irritant dermatitis.

The way it works: as droplets from alkaline or acidic chemical substances come into contact with the layer of Triple Active Gel on the skin, the Deb Active Defence Molecules immediately act to stop their irritating potential by neutralising the hydroxide ions (OH-) and hydron ions (H+) within the droplets, bringing their pH to neutral.

In clinical trials Stokoderm® Triple Active Gel​ reduced the rate of water loss of the skin by 63% and skin redness by 31%1


The unique Stokoderm® Triple Active Gel formula incorporates Aluminium Chlorohydrate, a highly effective anti-perspirant which restricts excessive and prolonged hand sweating, as often experienced under gloves and the cause of discomfort and skin softening which can lead to skin disease.

Stokoderm® Triple Active Gel is proven to reduce sweating by 57%2

The way it works: on contact with the skin the Aluminium Chlorohydrate in the gel immediately starts to react with sweat from the skin to form non-soluble skin pore plugs, which significantly restrict excessive sweating and improve comfort under gloves.

Additional Benefits

  • Skin Hypoallergenic

    Formulated and assessed to have low allergic potential to the skin.

  • Perfume Free

    Leaves no residual skin smell; suitable for both males and females.

  • Food safe

    Formula tested3 and proven to not have the potential to taint food, ensuring suitability for use by workers in food manufacturing & processing environments.

  • Silicone-free

    The product will have no adverse effect if in contact with surfaces prior to the application of paint or surface coatings.

1 Repetitive Occlusive Irritation Test  2 7-day user study conducted with 15 subjects, Bio-EC Laboratoires 3 Sensory Analysis – Methodology – Triangle Test BS EN ISO 4120:2007