KrestoGT - The Driving Force for Clean Hands

The Driving Force for Clean Hands

KrestoGT Hand Cleaner is formulated for professionals in the automotive aftermarket. Engineered to deliver high performance, KrestoGT removes the toughest soils that professionals come in contact with every day. KrestoGT products effectively remove heavy grease, grime, oil, adhesives, tar and paint – yet are fine tuned to be easy on the hands. Formulas include Orange Boost, Cherry Turbo, Paint Shop as well as Heavy Duty Wipes.

KrestoGT’s powerful hand cleansers quickly destroy dirt and grime, not your hands. It’s exactly what you’d expect from the world’s leading away from home skin care company. KrestoGT doesn’t use sharp pumice or sand as scrubbing agents, because they can lead to micro-abrasions on skin-and in turn, downtime in the shop.

Experience the performance with KrestoGT.