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The Deb Stoko® Range

The Deb Stoko® range is the world’s most comprehensive range of high quality skin care and hand hygiene products for any commercial or public facility environment and can be customized to meet your business and customer needs.


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Why use Deb Stoko® Products?

Enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) credentials

Is foam truly better than lotion soap?

The answer is a resounding yes! In 1997, Deb launched the world’s first generic foaming soap system - a cost-saving, sustainable innovation. Independent research reveals that using foam soap instead of traditional liquid/lotion soap for hand washing reduces:

Water consumption by up to 45%


Product consumption and chemical waste


Energy required to heat water


Packaging waste


  • The Deb Stoko® range includes HACCP and Ecolabel accredited products
  • Our products are manufactured in the US, minimizing the supply chain and reducing our carbon footprint
  • All Deb cartridges are recyclable, minimizing the amount of packaging to landfill
  • Our dispensing technology ensures that the exact amount of product required is released, reducing product wastage

Deb Customized Dispensers

Your choice. Your logo. Your color.

Promote your brand identity within your washroom.

Visit Deb Pick and Mix to design customized dispensers specifically for your business.

Naturally integrating our products into your brand is just another part of what we do.

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