Make Hands Matter in the Workplace

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Did you know that 40% of workers will suffer a skin issue at some point in their working life,

10-15% of U.S. workers suffer from dermatitis and

25% of lost workdays reported were due to work-related skin disease?


With statistics like that, it’s hard to believe there’s no dedicated skin care protection program for workers. At Deb USA, we do everything on our end to make sure your hands are protected from a variety of work hazards.


What do skin condition issues really look like?

  • Early Signs of Damage

    Patches of dry skin and cracks around fingernails.

  • Moderate Skin Issues

    Dirt caked around fingernails, larger cracks will be present on fingers and hand washing can be painful.

  • Severe Skin Damage

    Dry skin, red patches will be present and skin will be scaly.

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