Make Hands Matter in the Workplace

Setting Higher Standards to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections

Achieving Proven Clinical Outcomes Against Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)

The DebMed® Program integrates three key elements: Essential Products, Vital Information and Highest Standards of Behavior - to deliver tailored hand hygiene compliance and skin care programs to be installed in any healthcare environment. The program ensures the right products are available where and when needed, enables hand hygiene and skin care best practice, and will bring real sustainable health and financial benefits to hospitals, patients, and staff.

DebMed® is a unique, integrated hand hygiene compliance and skin care program that is customized to each healthcare environment. When data is used from the DebMed System to increase WHO '5-Moment' hand hygiene compliance, hospitals have observed a reduction in HAIs.1

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Reference: Kelly, J. W., MD, Blackhurst, D., DrPH, McAtee, W., BS, & Steed, C., MSN, RN, CIC. (2016, June 23). Electronic hand hygiene monitoring as a tool for reducing health care–associated methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection. American Journal of Infection Control