The Deb Industrial Program

Setting Higher Standards of Skin Care to Combat Occupational Skin Disease

The Deb Industrial Program is specifically designed to improve skin care standards and reduce the threat of work-related hand eczema and occupational skin disease (OSD), in general to Make Hands Matter in the Workplace. OSD, particularly work-related hand eczema, is a serious health issue that currently goes largely unreported in the workplace. There is an insufficient perception of the problem and lack of understanding of the consequences of poor skin condition.

The program can be customized for any workplace environment to provide the following benefits:

  • Makes skin health a priority for all
  • Ensures the right products are available when and where needed
  • Low cost-in-use products
  • Helps reduce the many indirect business costs associated with skin problems
  • Minimizes the risk of OSD in your organization leading to increased productivity
  • Reduces workers' absence due to skin health issues
  • Motivates workers to comply with skin care best practice
  • Reduces the risk of workers' health costs and potential compensation claims

The Deb Industrial Skin Care Program integrates three unique elements:

  1. Deb Stoko Range Products - A complete range of skin care products to address all workers' needs and working environments
  2. Survey & Assessments - Establish the current site facilities and workflows; understand workers' skin care needs, and evaluate the existing skin condition of workers' hands
  3. Changing Behavior - A comprehensive range of education & training tools combined with a structured process for changing behavior to improve skin care standards and skin health