Deb Safe Range



There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to safety. For that reason, Deb provides a comprehensive range of specialist industrial skin care products to address all workplace needs and environments. The range is formulated using skin safe ingredients and includes four categories of products: protect, cleanse, sanitize and restore. These products are designed exclusively for use with Deb's durable, low maintenance dispensers.


Deb offers free Site Surveys, providing best practice recommendations to ensure that the right products are available to workers in the right place.

  • Unique products for specialist applications
  • Patented foam technology
  • Environmental certified products
  • Proven skin safe & dermatological tested
  • ECARF certified products
  • Fully tested performance

Product Categories

Deb recommends the daily routine use of skin care creams to protect and care for the skin, combined with appropriate hand cleansers for getting hands clean and hand sanitisers where required for additional hygiene. 

STEP 1: Protect

A broad range of pre-work products to help protect the skin against a wide variety of workplace contaminants & working conditions.

STEP 2: Cleanse

A wide variety of hand cleansers and body washes designed to clean safely and effectively without skin damaging ingredients like pumice or petroleum distillates.

STEP 3: Sanitize

Alcohol and non-alcohol based sanitizers with efficacy of up to 99.9999% in 15 seconds. For use without water.

STEP 4: Restore

A broad range of after-work products formulated to moisturize and condition all types of skin while eliminating painful cracks and redness.


Dispensers with a hygienically sealed cartridge system available in a variety of sizes to meet specific workplace needs.

Benefits of Deb Dispensers:

  • Easy to use & replace cartridges
  • Dispense optimal dose every time
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • Guaranteed for life
  • BioCote® protected to inhibit bacteria growth