Skin Care Best Practice

Experts recommend that reducing the risk of occupational skin disorders and work-related hand ezcema can be achieved by following three principles of skin care best practice:

  1. Skin Care Program - integrates protect and restore creams with appropriate hand cleansers to provide a 3-step program for healthy skin
  2. Universal Standard - implements the new '3-Moments of Skin Care' standard which determines when protect and restore creams should be applied
  3. Evaluate & Feedback - integrate the '3-Moments' standard, evaluations of workers' skin and meaningful feedback to create a positive and sustainable change in skin care behavior

The 3-Moments of Skin Care - A Universal Standard for Skin Care Behavior

This is an evidence-based, practical universal standard created by a panel of dermatologists to drive implementation of skin care best practice that can be adapted to any workplace. Using a multi-modal scientific study with analysis and review of 75 published occupational skin care intervention studies, 'The 3-Moments of Skin Care' is a user-centric approach to occupational skin care, where it is accepted that skin exposure to contaminants and environmental conditions while at work cannot be avoided.

Each of the three moments represents an occasion where skin care measures should be taken and integrates the use of protect and restore creams within the daily work routine.


Application of skin protection cream to help protect the skin from exposure to potentially harmful contaminants such as grease, oils and chemicals.


Following contamination, or at the end of each work period, hands should be washed with an appropriate hand cleanser and then followed with the application of a protection or restore cream.

Moment 3: END OF WORK

Application of restore cream to help recover skin strength and health.