Vital Information Services



The DebSafe Program allows for information to be gathered about the condition of workers' hands as well as skin care compliance within each department, site or organization. This allows for meaningful communication with workers and visible proof of improved skin care compliance.

Skin Health Evaluation

The DebSafe Skin Health Evaluation determines the condition of workers' skin and evaluates the risk of future issues through the use of five dermatological tests. The evaluation is designed to help employers understand the overall skin health of their workforce and to help workers understand their own skin conditions. At the end of each one-on-one evaluation session, the worker is provided with their own confidential score-sheet.

Once all the worker Evaluations are complete, the data is summarized into a comprehensive DebSafe™ Skin Condition Evaluation Report for the organization, which includes an overall DebSafe™ Skin Condition Risk Factor Score.

Through bi-annual testing, employers are able to monitor changes in workers' skin conditions and confirm improvements. This process also identifies if further skin care interventions are needed.

Smart Dispensers

This unique electronic system records product use and provides a measure of Skin Care Compliance in accordance with the '3 Moments of Skin Care' and the organization's own specific compliance target. It allows managers and supervisors to easily and clearly share results with workers.

  • Easy to setup
  • Independent network
  • No IT involvement
  • No capital investment
  • Secure Data Management