KrestoGT™ Orange Boost

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KrestoGT™ Orange Boost is ideal for quickly removing heavy grease, grime graphite and oil from hands. The powerful, VOC/CARB compliant cleaner uses natural, biodegradable cornmeal scrubbers that won’t clog drains, so the only thing it leaves behind is a fresh orange scent.

  • For cleaning heavy grease, grime, graphite and oil from hands
  • Fresh orange scent with conditioners
  • Natural, biodegradable cornmeal scrubbersWon’t clog drains
  • VOC/CARB Compliant*


* Meets new California Air Resources Board regulations
** For use with KrestoGT wall dispenser (Stock Code HVY2LKGT)

Packaging options

1 Gallon Pump Top

Product Code: KGT01G

Case quantity: 4

1/2 Gallon Pump Top

Product Code: KGTO64

Case quantity: 4

250mL Tube Flip Top

Product Code: KGTO250

Case quantity: 12

2-L cartridge

Product Code: KGTO2L

Case quantity: 4

Locations of use

  • Automobile
  • Automotive Maintenance & Repair
  • Auto Mechanic, Machinist

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