Transparent Curve Dispensers

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The Proline Curve Transparent dispensers are for use in a variety of workplace environments. These dispensers allow for users to clearly see the soap levels without having to open the cover, cutting down on maintenance costs and times.

  • The small Proline Curve dispensers are for the 1 liter cartridges (available in black and white)

Packaging options

Product Code: TPB1LDS

Case quantity: 15

Product Code: TPW1LDS

Case quantity: 15

Locations of use

  • Home & DIY
  • Office & Facility
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Food
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Electronics Industries
  • Food Services & Catering
  • Hotel & Leisure
  • Bakery / Food Worker


  • General Dirt & Grime

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