Bringing PURE CLEAN INNOVATION to the Washroom Experience

To revolutionize something used for decades takes true ingenuity, determination and vision. Crafted with input from actual facility owners, cleaning professionals, fragrance experts and users, the newly formulated Refresh products are designed to deliver a pleasant experience that encourages hand washing.

 Whether in corporate washrooms and office spaces, retail or healthcare settings, schools or hotels, the Refresh product line promises the quality customers want and features that redefine foam soap expectations. It's the soap they'll love from a brand you can trust.

*Deb invented the world’s first hygienically sealed inverted foaming soap pump and collapsible cartridge system – US5445288, US6082586.

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*For U.S. businesses with greater than 75 employees only. SC Johnson Professional reserves the right to decide on quantities and type of samples and who qualifies for them. An SCJP representative will contact you upon receiving your request to confirm your details.

Introducing the Newly Formulated Refresh™ Foam Soap Line





When paired with our Quick-View™ transparent dispenser, you can save
even more.

  • Accurate soap visibility for cleaning staff
  • Visible from any angle or distance
  • No need to open the dispenser to check if the cartridge needs changing
  • Quick and easy to refill
  • Easy to service, low maintenance
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Saves on time and cuts maintenance costs



Compared to traditional lotion soap, just one pump of our refreshed foam soaps
takes care of your hands and your bottom line.4

Learn More:

History of Foam Soap

In 1999, Deb Group (now SC Johnson Professional®) launched the world’s first hygienically sealed inverted foaming soap pump and collapsible cartridge system. Most wall-mounted commercial foam soap dispensers sold in the world today still utilize Deb Foam Technology, including the new Refresh line.

Impact of Hand Washing

As part of a comprehensive hand care program, effective hand washing can help reduce illness, absenteeism and associated costs by up to 40%.*

*Media4Change Ltd., How a Single Change in a Washroom can significantly reduce water consumption and associated costs, 2011.

Upgraded Packaging

All products in the Refresh line have modernized labels with SC Johnson Professional branding. The pump bottles for Refresh Azure and Refresh AntiBac have also been reconfigured into a new, attractive pump bottle perfect for use in front of house washrooms. These new bottles contain 10 fl oz of product and are sold in cases of 16.